Terms and Conditions

This website is operated by Hotel Cabañas Claro de Luna.

Hotel Cabañas Claro de Luna provides you with our products and services under the following Terms and Conditions. Please, you should read these Terms and Conditions, as well as our privacy notice and policies before using this website.

The Client when making the reservation, by any means, unconditionally accepts these terms and conditions .

No agent, server, representative, or third party has the power or ability to modify, restrict or extend the terms and / or conditions contained in this document.

You agree to be subject to the following obligations, including and without limitation:
~ You assume financial responsibility for all transactions made under your name or account.
~ To make any purchase, you must be over 18 years of age, make the purchase for personal use and have the legal capacity to make the transaction.
~ You guarantee that all the information you provide is true and accurate. .
~ Providing incorrect credit card information or an incorrect debit or debit card billing address may cause delays in the issuance of your travel documents and increase prices. Please make sure that the information you provide corresponds to those that appear in your credit card billing status. We also reserve the right to cancel your reservation after its issuance if the payment is not made or the transaction is rejected by the banking institution or if incorrect information is provided about the cardholder.
~ You may not modify, copy , transmit, distribute, sell, display, license, or reproduce the site or its contents in any way, except in case you want to make copies for your personal use and without commercial purposes.
~ Information and / or prices The ones shown on this website are updated on occasion, and therefore may have varied by the time you are going to book your vacation or wish to make your travel plans. Unfortunately, although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all that information and prices, some mistakes are made again. Therefore, you should be sure to check all the details of the vacation or travel plan you select (including prices) at the time of booking.
~ The website is offered in the state and availability of the moment of access. We do not accept any responsibility related to your ability to access or use the site at any time, or in case of any interruption in your access or use, or for errors when making a transaction. We do not guarantee that the Site is free of computer viruses or other properties that may cause loss or damage.

It will be understood as:
• Hotel: Cabañas Claro de Luna.
• Client: Elderly person of age that makes the reservation and / or for whom or who performs the same and / or who buys some service with the Hotel.
• Guest: Person who duly registered by the hotel receptionist enters the hotel as a user of the same.
• Check-in: The registration and process by which a receptionist settles the arrival of a customer at the hotel and in turn receives the room for his stay there.
• Check-out: Process by which guests evict the room they occupied and terminate their use of the hotel services and facilities.