How to get here?

Step #1

Creel Chihuahua is located 650 km south of El Paso, Texas; 7 hours driving, where you will cross from the sand desert of Samalayuca, deserts of cactus and steppes to finally enter the Sierra Madre Oriental, where the Sierra Tarahumara is located.

Step #2

From El Paso, TX you can take any international bridge to Mexico, driving south you will find Pan-American Highway I-45. Drive 120 km south to get to Ciudad Ahumada, a typical meeting point to eat the traditional Burritos de Asadero; 240 km further south you will arrive at Ciudad Chihuahua. Arriving in Chihuahua take the peripheral to your right called Periférico de la Juventud, you will drive through the whole of it from the west of the city about 22 km south. At the end of this peripheral you will follow the instructions for Ciudad Cuauhtémoc and for Ciudad Parral, as both take route 16 to Cuauhtémoc.

Step #3

After leaving Chihuahua City you will drive 110 km through Highway 16 to arrive at Cuauhtémoc (you will only pass through a Typical Town in the region called Santa Isabel, its official name is General Trias). After crossing Ciudad Cuauhtémoc through Independencia ave. at the west exit of this city at approximately 3 km you will find the beginning of the famous Mennonite Fields. 10 km later you will arrive at a famous meeting point called Casa Colorada, where you will find food and useful things for camping. 47 km from Ciudad Cuauhtémoc you will find Ciudad La Junta.

Step #4

When you are at the end of Route 16 take the road to the left; 16 km later turn left to take Route 127 (This cruise is called El Entronque de San Pedro), from here you will drive 60 km to San Juanito, cross it almost completely to turn right almost at the end where a sign will indicate you the route to creel in 30 km. At the entrance of Creel when the sign for Creel Centro appears, you will simply follow the paved road and just after the first speed reducer you will leave the road on the left, there you will find in 20 meters the Cabañas Claro de Luna Hotel.